When I was young, I was always the smallest in my class.  I was made fun of because of my size and I could never have the trendy clothes because I was never big enough.  I was determined not to be defined by anyone or anything.  Somehow, someway, I stood up for myself and I became a leader.  I may not have been popular for my looks but I managed to make friends easily and always have friends.  I had somehow found myself.  The excrutiatingly shy kid had found her footing. Over the years, I have lost and I have found friends.  No regrets.  I say what I believe to be true.  I am honest and I am loyal.  I am a good listener and I am compassionate. I believe in myself.  I believe in my feelings and my thoughts.  I am now ready to share myself with the rest of the world. This is my soapbox.  I am Munchkin.